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te koop

Te Koop

During an In Situ Workshop, organized by Kooningr- lyke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Van Antwerpen in a farm of Den Haan in Belgium, Vasilis Papageorgiou and Ersi Varveri created a company, in order to sell various animals of livestock-farming in addi- tion to fields in the area of Den Haan and fields and beaches in Greece.
They sell a part of the farmers’ properties, in order to save their families from the Greek / European crisis.
The artists pasted up the selling announcements in the central squares and churches of the nearest villages and cities (Den Haan and Wenduine).

also we tried to sell greek fields 
outside Manifesta 9 exhibition in Genk city / Belgium

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in the end.
 selling a greek healthy uterus ..

not cleaning the pig 
insitu3 workshop


-trying to be a cow-
sept 2012
insitu3 workshop

stairway to heaven



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dont' eat them
don't consume them
throw them

This is a game of chance. There is a chance that this wall may fall down by a potato. If you are lucky to make this happen you are about to make a step for humanity!! ®

from piano to laterna


Brodmann Area 17 presents: "ACCIDENT"

Three months after presenting their work in Athens (Stigma Lab), BA17 is moving to Berlin for its second exhibition called "ACCIDENT".
This exhibition is also a chance for the members of the team to meet again after a period of long-distance cooperation and create new stuff on the spot, in addition to bringing their latest collective and solo works at the venue.
Paintings, sculptures, installations and prints will be some of the few stuff exhibited in Bauer & Ewald from 11 until the end of May.

Place: bauer&ewald, Lenaustraße 20, Berlin / Germany

Opening: Friday 11 May / 21:00

BA17 blog: http://ba17crew.tumblr.com/